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This recipe was created many years ago` by sor francesco, owner of the osteria in pratica di mare (rome). read the full story. this is not exactly a roman recipe but blends well a sicilian specialty "smoked tuna" and a magnificient product from puglia: "burrata" which is now appreciated around zuppa di pesce marechiara

Seafood marechiara; risotto con pesce; gamberi con pasta napolitana; risotto with shimp; shrimp & rotini pasta; clam sauce siciliana; shrimp cocktail; cockles with linguine fini; other recipes my family made; (may not be italian, but still good!); secret recipe spare ribs; rosemary garlic lemon chicken;

A great recipe for salt cod in the style of marechiara, from lidia bastianich recipe comments (0) baccala marechiara

Chef john of michael's of brooklyn prepares salmon marechiara. for more information, visit our salmon - simple sautéed salmon recipe. 173344 views

I had a dish at a local place that was tilapia with marechiara sauce and i can't stop thinking about it. i want to make it at home, but i'm not having any luck finding a recipe anywhere. anyone have any ideas? i know it has garlic, tomatoes and white wine in it, but i'm not sure if there are any other spices.

Wednesday, september 27, 2006 - by chef nino recine of nino's italian eatery watch the video; click here for nutritional information for this recipe.;

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